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Drones & Copter
“Our films require the best camera equipment, so we need the steadiest and most reliable drones.”
Director and Photographer Milpictures Austria
Drones & Copter
“Quick and precise: Aerial 3D measurements and volumetric calculations for excavation and filling.”
Director of GEOS Consulting ZT, GmbH
Drones & Copter
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Developer & Manufacturer of Flying Robots
and Drones for Professional use

Automated flights for film production, industrial applications, photography, measurement and much more

Flying robots are drones used in industrial applications and professional film shoots. They fly pre-programmed routes, saving the pilot a lot of extra work. Automatic flight control is a sensible solution when, for example, identical areas must be regularly inspected from the air to create documentation or measure changes (as in raw materials extraction, agriculture, and environmental applications).

Since 2005, AIRBORNE ROBOTICS has been focused on developing and manufacturing sophisticated flying robots, and today our aircraft are used by a growing number of satisfied customers.

AIRBORNE ROBOTICS drones are delivered worldwide as a complete package, including all the relevant software as well as flight training. The moment one of our customers receives his new AIR6 or AIR8, he can immediately get down to business. The carrier system of an AIR6/8 can accommodate a variety of cameras: Film and photo, thermal imaging cameras, infrared, and diverse measuring sensors for environmental analysis. The system can therefore be adapted to the widest array of applications. Designed as an open platform for developers, specialists from many different fields can program an AIR flying robot for their own purposes and flight jobs, since the interfaces and software are freely accessible.


Manufactured in Klagenfurt, Austria

All AIRBORNE ROBOTICS flying robots are developed and manufactured in Austria. Our craftsmanship guarantees the highest quality and durability – and fulfills the most demanding requirements.

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Modular and expandable

AIRBORNE ROBOTICS flying robots feature modular design and expandability, so they can adjust to the specific demands of each industry.


complete support

After many years of experience, we know: questions start when your flying robot first takes off. That’s why we place the highest value on customer service.


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At a glance

AIRBORNE ROBOTICS has been developing and manufacturing  drones and flying robots for professional use in Europe and Austria since 2005.   Film professionals use AIRBORNE ROBOTICS drones for Hollywood movies, television broadcasts, and live streams; they have also been used in the documentation of construction projects. In agriculture, AIRBORNE ROBOTICS drones have been used for the optimization of harvests, for example in the counting of sprouts. They use multi-spectral cameras to search for plant stress, and help optimize harvests by providing aerial photos of fungal attacks, pest infestation, water shortage, or under-fertilization. With the right software, the drone can effortlessly measure from the sky, conduct aerial surveys, and then assemble 3D models from the data. Raw materials extractors, quarries, roadway planners and mine operators use our drones to aerially measure moved material. The inspection of utility poles, dams, bridges, smokestacks, pipelines, and roofs can be accomplished in the shortest imaginable time with the AIR6 hexa-copter or the AIR8 octo-copter. AIRBORNE ROBOTICS drones have been used for years in the aerial documentation of large business facilities – facility management using drones is a real growth market. In emergency management, drones provide a potent value-add for firefighters and police, yielding a real-time overview of the situation,  while floating above the operational area. AIR drones integrate thermal imaging cameras, used in the recognition of heat loss from buildings and roofs, and in the rapid identification of defective solar cells. Thermal imaging cameras plus drones / copters can even identify wild animals in a field prior to field-work.

For professional filmmakers who want to fly RED or BlackMagic cameras with a drone, we recommend the AIR8 flying robot.

AIRBORNE ROBOTICS produces the AIR6 hexa-copter and AIR8 octo-copter in Klagenfurt, Austria. The drones were developed in-house and always come RTF (Ready to Fly).  These six- and eight-motor drones fly with greater stability than a quad-copter, since more motors make for a steadier flight. These hexa-copters and octa-copters fulfill the highest requirements for flight safety: In fact, they rarely crash. Many of the drone components are redundant and will work independently of one another in case of an outage.

In Europe, civil drones and flying robots are designated Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS), in order to identify them for their professional and non-military nature. AIRBORNE ROBOTICS will brief each drone pilot about his drone.AIRBORNE ROBOTICS also offers drones for lease/rent.