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AIRBORNE ROBOTICS headquarters in Klagenfurt

AIRBORNE ROBOTICS headquarters in Klagenfurt

Our marketing department

Our marketing department

Patrick and Lukas in the test lab

Patrick and Lukas in the test lab

Flying since 2006

High performance drones for industrial applications, professional film, and broadcast from pioneers in drone technology

When the media and video professionals Patrick Branstätter and Lukas Schwarzkogler met up in 2005, they realized that there was no available, dedicated technology that could satisfy their customers’ requirements for sophisticated aerial video and photography.  So the two decided to build their own platform, with their close allies: They called it the HDCopter.  Back then, only a few aviation experts had  heard of something called a “drone.”  When we took them out for field-testing and film production, people were always astounded by our technology.  And since the HDCopter’s performance and the recordings it made were exceptional, Airborne soon received its first requests from customers for an aircraft of their own.  As the market grew, so did the number of applications, from a purely flying camera to uses in agriculture, construction site inspection, and facility management, among others.

AIRBORNE ROBOTICS is the winner of the Austrian National Prize for best business film 2010 and the Carinthian INNOVATION AND RESEARCH PRIZE 2013.

Since the beginning, our ever-growing team of professionals has been hard at work amassing the hundreds of flight and film hours in collective experience leading up to the development of our current aircraft.

There are two drone models currently available: A hexa-copter (six rotors, 2.2 lb. payload) and an octo-copter (eight rotors, 11 lb. payload).  In the summer of 2014, the robotics department spun off from the advertising agency Airborne Motion Pictures, so that it could better focus its efforts on bringing the drone technology to the  global market.  Christian Schlager and Alexander Blumenschein came on board to take over sales and marketing responsibilities.

Unlike most other drone manufacturers, AIRBORNE ROBOTICS puts great value on open systems and open programming allowing for a large variety of cameras, instruments, and other equipment to go airborne.  "Open" means the ability to quickly and easily change devices, the linking of cameras with the copter, and open access to flight controls for developers and business partners (for example, automated and autonomous flight).  In this way, partners can implement industrial applications for different purposes on the platform of an AIRBORNE ROBOTICS drone.

AIRBORNE ROBOTICS thinks of itself as the provider of a platform technology like the Android or Apple iOS mobile operating systems, on which developers can build their own applications.

AIRBORNE ROBOTICS and its employees have set the goal of developing the highest performing drone and bringing it to a global market.  Our drones are designed as a "platform", so that industry and freelance developers can create their own solutions for challenging applications and missions.

Our in-house development and production guarantees that we can satisfy even the most exacting standards.

If you’re looking for the perfect flight system for your project, let’s talk about it.  It could be that you aren’t as far away as it seems from turning your idea into a reality.  We’ve been working with a number of notable suppliers of industrial sensors (thermal imaging, gas, laser-scan, HD camera, etc.) on many of our projects, and they stand ready to cooperate with us on new ones.

We don’t want to write much about customer service – we’ll just deliver it. By phone, email, or at our shop, you’ll always find the person you need. With our gold level service contract, we’ll even send you a replacement copter in an emergency.

You can also commission a whole crew for business film, television, or motion pictures.

AIRBORNE Motion Picture is happy to offer you our expertise.

Airborne’s awards

Airborne’s awards

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