Aerial Shots

Aerial Shots

Aerial Shots

The awesome brilliance of 6K video: record cinema and television quality video from the sky

Film from the Sky

The awesome brilliance of 6K video: record cinema and television quality video from the sky

With an AIR8 professional drone, it’s easy to create one-of-a-kind tracking shots and perspectives, film over impassable terrain, or in protected areas. Have you ever zoomed out from a close-up of an actor to an extreme long shot of the entire landscape, without editing film?  Smooth, gliding motions, crane lifts, and seemingly impossible, continuous tracking shots – all without the tedium of setting up a crane or the expense of laying down track on set. You’ll be ready to go in minutes. The new AIR8 is the film drone for the big screen.

Our system is one of the highest quality camera flight systems on the market; we’ve applied the greatest attention to every detail. You can see the AIR8’s quality in our selection of components, our experience with aerial filming since 2006, and nearly an entire decade of experience at AIRBORNE Motion Pictures, our Austrian film production company. 

The AIR8 system is built for professionals: You can even mount the RED Epic and Dragon models from Blackmagic Design. The AIR8 also works with camera systems like the Sony F5 CineAlta, FS700, and even the Canon Cinema Series. The housing fits onto a highly precise, three-axle Direct Drive camera mount. A huge number of features and options complete this “Carbon Dream,” such as direction/live image looping, wireless focusing, mobile charging cases for quick deployment in the world of professional film, battery heating cases for optimal flight battery temperature, and more.

With the AIR8, you’re purchasing a quality copter that meets even the most demanding requirements.

AIR8 and Special Forces

Tom Weber is a moving image specialist in the military sector. Tom works alongside special forces such as Navy SEALS and other special operation units from around the world. His mission: “TO STAGE THE MOST SPECTACULAR MILITARY AND LAW ENFORCEMENT VIDEOS AND PICTURES IN THE WORLD.” Because he goes by the motto, “Fast in, fast out,” lightweight, robust equipment is an absolute must. There’s usually just one opportunity to get a film or photograph right in his field of work, so Tom works with only the most up-to-date, dependable equipment on the market. More information is available at

AIR8 Camera Drone

Snow Reel AIR8 2012

Professional tracking shots, like only an AIR8 camera drone can take.

The AIR8 flies 6k cameras with cine prime lenses

  • designed for 2 or 3-person operation
  • approved for cinema and feature film applications
  • RED Epic, RED Dragon, Blackmagic 4K approved
  • optional HD Downlink
  • duplicate video downlink for preview monitoring without delays or glitches, independent of camera operator
  • compatible with Zeiss Cinemizer
  • redundant flight control, GPS, and compass modules for the safest possible flight
  • video downlinks with additional Diversity
  • record/stop, aperture control, and many other functions available, depending on the camera
  • frequency-independent and vibration-free at all altitudes, through our novel method of vibration elimination
  • continuously adjustable damping system and cross-stabilization
  • many optional features for day-to-day production requirements
  • practically maintenance-free
  • splashing water protection
  • and much more!
Dronen 6k Red

The AIR8 flies using 6K cameras with Cine Prime lenses – the perfect recordings for your film.

Drone for Aerial Shots

The Medium Lifter

The AIR8 ist powerful, durable and carries payloads up to 6.5 kg... 

More information about AIR8

Max. load: 
6.5 kg | 13.2 lbs
Max. total weight: 
c. 20 kg | 44.1 lbs
Max. flight time: 
60 minutes
Max. wind speed: 
50 km/h | 31.1 mph
Max. speed: 
75 km/h | 46.6 mph
Battery swap: 
change in 30 sec

AIRBORNE Remote Control DC16

JETI DC16 Remote Control

The DC-16 features unbeatable precision, and satisfies the most demanding pilot.

Robust, developed for industrial use, adapted to our applications and pre-programmed, the pilot can concentrate on the flight and his work.

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RC Case

GS Professional Ground Station

“GS Professional” Video Ground Station

Includes Diversity video transmission path for instantaneous live image preview, antenna system and preview monitor. You receive a quick release tripod system for easy, one-person site changes. The new GS Professional comes with a battery power supply for video signal reception and monitor operation as well as an integrated charging unit.

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“GS Professional” Video Ground Station

GS Professional Display

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