Agriculture and Forestry

Drohnen für Land- und Forstwirtschaft

Agriculture and Forestry

Quantifying a harvest or herd, surveying crop failure, recognizing illness and pest infestation – all from the sky with an AIR6.

Aerial photos of forests, farms, and vineyards taken by flying robots / drones bring a whole new dimension to the estimation of agricultural growth, output, and insurance claims.

Soaring approximately 100 to 200 feet over the surface, an AIR6 flying robot shoots high-resolution photos at pre-defined distances, which software then assembles into a panorama. The details in these pictures are so sharp that growth rates, weeds, pest infestations and more can be immediately evaluated.

These aerial photos, shot with a multi-spectral camera, provide valuable information about fertilization, water needs, and overall crop health. It’s even possible to count plants from the air.

Panorama Photos in the Field

Panorama assembled from individual photos

Panorama Photos in the Field

With the help of special stitching software, the computer assembles individual photographs into a panorama. In our example, about 40 individual pictures were taken from an altitude of 200 feet and automatically assembled. The panorama file can add up to several gigabytes of data. If you’d like to see how detailed a photo taken from 200 feet can be, click here:  WEIZEN.TIF  ( 68MB)

Flight Planning and Automatic Flight

AIRBORNE MFS (Mission Flight System) completely pre-installed and ready for use.

Flight Planning and Automatic Flight

Airborne Robotics MFS (Mission Flight System): With just a few clicks, you can find and mark your intended flight path on Google Maps. The MFS software calculates your route and indicates the various trajectories and battery swaps along the whole flight path. You can even adjust the total flight time and maximum picture quality/resolution at various focal lengths. The flight plan is graphically overlaid as a layer directly in Google Maps. To get started, just relay the flight data from your PC to the AIR6 flight control using the remote control.

Counting Software for Plants and Livestock

Measuring sprouts to compare different seeds and fertilizer.

Counting Software for Plants and Livestock

The analysis and evaluation of different seedings and the resulting crop yield is now easier than ever. Using the appropriate software, a computer counts every sprout on the field, taking only minutes even for larger fields. Not only can the software identify and count trees and plants, it can also recognize and tally individual animals in a herd.

Drone for Agriculture and Forestry

The All-rounder

The AIR6 is specifically designed to carry all kind of equipment: cameras, sensors, research instruments…

More information about AIR6

Max. load: 
1.5 kg | 3.3 lbs
Max. total weight: 
5.5 kg | 12.1 lbs
Max. flight time: 
up to 30 minutes
Max. wind speed: 
50 km/h | 31.1 mph
Max. speed: 
75 km/h | 43.5 mph
Battery swap: 
change in 30 sec.

Airborne MFS

Completely pre-installed and ready for immediate use

Our Mission Flight System is delivered completely pre-installed and immediately ready for use. Plan your automated flights over pre-selected areas in just a few minutes, instead of steering your drone by hand.

  • Over 10 different GEO maps
  • Unlimited number of waypoints
  • Manually editable waypoints (altitude, speed, etc.)
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“MFS” Mission Flight System

“MFS” Mission Flight System

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