Photo documentation

Photo documentation

Aerial photos display more than words – see for yourself!

Documenting construction progress in Carinthia – from demolition to finished product – with an AIR6. At 393 ft., the completed structure on Pyramidenkogel, Austria became Europe’s highest wooden tower. See

Thanks to our customer Franz Habich for making these pictures available.

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The All-rounder

The AIR6 is specifically designed to carry all kind of equipment: cameras, sensors, research instruments…

More information about AIR6

Max. load: 
1.5 kg | 3.3 lbs
Max. total weight: 
5.5 kg | 12.1 lbs
Max. flight time: 
up to 30 minutes
Max. wind speed: 
50 km/h | 31.1 mph
Max. speed: 
75 km/h | 43.5 mph
Battery swap: 
change in 30 sec.

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