Jutta Fastian, actress

I’ve come across a lot on set, but when I first saw these Airborne Robotics film drones in action, I just couldn’t stop staring.

What especially impressed me was the extreme precision and reliability with which this high-tech device could be manipulated, both very close to the action and at very long distances. A very exciting experience!

You can learn more about Jutta Fastian at www.juttafastian.com and imdb.com.

Other Testimonials

Gerald Salmina, Producer and Director

Our films require the best camera equipment, so we need to have the steadiest and most reliable drones. Now we’ve found it with the new AIR8.

I’ve been working with Airborne Robotics products for years now, and I wouldn’t change a thing. The new AIR8 offers flexible setup for a wide range of cameras. With their incredible performance, I can use good Cine Prime lenses on aerial shots.

Often underappreciated, with Airborne Robotics I get customer support that speaks the language of the international film production business.

Field-tested, state-of-the-art technology, by filmmakers and for filmmakers – just how I like it.

Franz Habich, CRobotics

The new AIR6 is compact, easy to transport, and ready to go in 2 minutes. And, it is an open interface for connecting our own in-house applications. It makes my software developer’s heart beat faster.

Because my customers have the widest variety of specifications for the aerial recordings we make, we need a system that can handle a spontaneous camera change. I couldn’t find my ideal system on the market, so I had Airborne Robotics turn my idea into a design and have it produced – that’s a unique level of customer service. Now my partners at Lakeside Labs and I can draw on virtually unlimited resources. More information is available at www.carinthian-robotics.com.

Mag. Christian Onitsch, Director of Geos Consulting ZT, GmbH

The introduction of flying robots during excavation and filling has been a valuable addition to our business. Operations flow more quickly and with greater precision compared to other measuring processes.

The first complete aerial survey of our mine took fewer than 30 minutes flight time, under continuous operation.  At the same time, the accuracy of the measured results was astounding.  And with 3D data, we can now calculate measurements from the comfort of our office.  Faster, more accurate – that’s very efficient.

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